Saturday, July 28, 2007

KK Recital on 28 July 2007

"Should we do another encore?" - "Well, we'll have to sight-read"

With members of Feeltone: Lonny Pang (2nd on the left)
Cheong Kok Ann (Next to Yap Ling)
(The Organiser from Feeltone Classical)

The concert was well done. Good responses from the audience asking when will be the next one. The microphones used were actually for live recording. After the finale, the loud and continuos applause prompted the performers to give another 2 encores.

Acknowledgement: We would like to thank all those who were helping in the sale of tickets and took part in making this recital a success. Thanks to Feeltone Classical in organisng the KK, Miri & Bintulu concerts and making all these possible. Not forgetting God for His Blessing.
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