Saturday, October 31, 2009

DUOS Concert Tour of Sabah 28-30Oct09

DUOS concerts were held once again celebrating its 3rd anniversary in Sabah on 28 Oct 09 for the Sandakan's Concert at the Institut Latihan Perindustrian. The group consisit of Singaporean violinist Foo Say Ming, Yap Ling on the violin and viola with pianist Grace Lee.

Yap Ling in front of Dewan Kuliah Utama, ILP, Sandakan.

Photo below was taken after the concert in Dewan Resital, UMS on 30 Oct 09.

Betty Pang, Cheong Kok Ann, Yi Yuen & Jia Min (From Singapore especially came for the concert), Foo Say Ming, Yap Yi, Yap Qin, Yap Ling, Grace Lee, Chang Lee Fang & Yap Min Yu (Yap Ling's parents)
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